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From an experience with a car and a bad fuel pump relay (circa BL608), when the engine starves for fuel, it will misfire and you get a blinking check engine light. The Hybrid control module then will no longer try to start the ICE for the remainder of that key cycle, and yes the car will run off the battery power alone. However you are now left with a misfire stored in the computer and it will take a hard reboot to get the ICE to start again after filling with fuel.

613 & 614 both changed when the fuel low message comes on, with 614 it comes on at about 20% remaining, or just under 2 gallons. the Fuel tank is a saddle design, with a primary pump in the right side and a transfer pump / level sender in the left, so depending on the vehicle orientation, usage below 20% can be problematic for the pickup.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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