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loud feedback cabin sound - speed related

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Haven't been on here in months...soooo busy.

While driving home from work today, I started hearing what at first I thought was a rubbing on a tire. I figure it's not mechanical but actually somewhat of a feedback sound coming from the sub woofer? I'll try to find the fuse specific to this and see if it stops. The sound got louder and higher pitches as I increased the speed but at @ 20 MPH the volume started to decrease and it is barely noticeable above 35 MPH. Adjusting the volume/settings/mute has no effect...but then again, non of the settings on my climate control react to anything I do either :p I still hear the pedestrial avoidance sound from the outside, as usual. Today is the first day it has rained in @ 8 months. Anyone else ever experience this interior sound?

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Hopefully not coming from the rear of the car as in RDM area. Does it change pitch or cone and go dependent on accel or decel of throttle and coasting?
it is coming from the rear of the car...near were the sub woofer AND rdm are located. Friends couldn't hear the sound from the outside though...and the sound only starts @ 3 MPH and really sound digital, not like a gear and there are no vibrations and the pitch seems to change drastically and then go quiet consistent with speed but not with load/force. It sounds to me very similar to the input that influences the pedestrian awareness system...just wondering if a short could provide power or feedback to the sub woofer for the exterior fake robot sound that goes to the two exterior speakers. I know our cars make different sounds than most others but I just don't think this is something mechanical sounding. I'll go see if I can find the fuses, etc. and try to turn off sub woofer. It just started after charging up this morning, out of nowhere. I'm getting no change in performance, etc. I REALLY HOPE IT'S NOT THE RDM!!!! That was already swapped out before I bought the car.
Fuse #6 does the sub woofer...but when I got into the car just now, the Fisker logo never changed on the screen, so I'll wait till tomorrow to see if there is any undesired water puddles anywhere, dry them and then try a factory reset to see if anything changes. It's too dark to look properly right now and I don't need the car till later in the day. Still let me know if you've experienced anything like this.
Factory reset did the trick...I think it might be time to invest in another cartridge of clear silicone :dodgy:
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