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I believe that project has been cancelled
Between january and now?
Interview published on january 21st
Car and Driver: When will we see your VL Destino, the ZR1-powered Fisker that’s promising 200 mph?

Bob Lutz: We’re fully certified now and ready to start delivering cars. We bought ourselves a substantial supply of Fiskers—from dealers, unsold factory inventory. We bought a bunch of gliders when they were heading for Chapter 11 and they didn’t have battery packs anyway because A123 had gone belly up. They said, “Hey, would you be interested in cars without battery packs?” We said, sure, it just makes our job easier. So we’ve been sitting on an inventory of 30, 35 brand-new Fiskers. Then we’ve got a very substantial body of Fisker owners who want the car converted. I think we should be delivering this quarter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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