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Locked inside

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I tried searching in the older threads but could not find this problem. I'm pretty sure it happened to good ol' Brian down in Texas back in January or so.
Anyway, I'm on 6.15, and yesterday pulled up to a restaurant to drop off a kid. With Karma still in drive and my foot on the brake, I pushed the "unlock" button and nothing happened. I feel sure I've done it before, but perhaps not. So I put her in Park, yet still the doors would not unlock. I suddenly had the feeling of being stuck inside my own car, and immediately thought of Brian way back when.
Just before my wife began to panic, I remembered learning in this forum to put her in neutral (the car, not my wife), and voila! it worked. Going from P to N and back to P solved the problem and the doors unlocked.
Weird, but easily solved.
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Were you pushing the unlock button on the armrest or the dash?
ejo3rd said:
Were you pushing the unlock button on the armrest or the dash?
I unlocked (or tried to) the doors using the button on the dash. The door buttons were useless at that point.
Standard factory setting is that the doors cannot be opened when in 'D', you have to put it in 'P'. In the control screen you can change this setting, but just like the radio settings this can disappear after a while. The next software update, 6.20, should tackle this.

From your post I can see you were aware that you had to put it in 'P' first. But that still didn't work and you had to get back to 'N' and then 'P'. I hope that 6.20 will also solve this.
When you pushed the central locking button while you were in D, altho the doors were already locked due to the security feature, pressing the central lock effectively locked the car.
When you went to park, the security feature was disabled but the central locking was still in Lock status. The only bug was that you were able to get the doors to open by shifting to N and back.
Lots of new cars have that and I have not seen an ability to disable it on any of them because it is the door lock.
I had something similar happen, but I wasn't inside the car. I believe I put the AT in neutral (without starting it), rolled it out of the garage to wash it and after I did that, the door locks didn't want to work for some reason. After I started it and pulled it into the garage, they worked again.
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