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Fabulist said:
Stefan said:
Karma31 said:
... Imagine being in a relationship with one of the most beautiful women on earth who is also great in the sack and a sweetheart. If she threw an occasional temper tantrum I'd learn to live with it and her lol
That's eaxactly how I see this things!
But there is a kind of payback... e.g. less diamonds per week :D

All of you had have some issues and claim note heving any safety issues.
- Facing runaway volume on a crowded highway at 100+ mph (YES, therea are still countries where we can get this!!! :shy: ) migth slightly redirect your concentration
- crashing your bumper bar, because the beeper is not in the right mood... who will fix it?

A $100.000+ vehicle should not get me into this trouble at all.

You want an ordinary life? Get an ordinary car. You want a cool car? You have to pay the price. This may all seem like sport talk right now but when you have safety related issues like black outs, no speedo, strange noises etc its not about the ordinary I have 5 unordinary cars and the Fisker is a deadbeat by a long shot ,nice of you to make excuses for them but there are over 20 reported repeatable problems and some are safety sensitive so the situation is very fragile and Fisker has a huge hole to climb out of.
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