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VegasKarma said:
I can't agree more!! I do love my Fisker and it is only 4 days old. So sexy, and so much fun, but come on guys, really? I'm a software engineer and this is not good. We must hope that 6.15 will at least "stabalize" these issues and then we can expect upgrades or future versions to address small glitches. At $100,000+ seems like they could have put in place a bit better QA team. I am not a hater. I LOVE my car. I just think a little more testing and effort would have been nice. Hopefully they at least get 97% of the annoying crap fixed in 6.15. Lets hope. Good point Stefan!
I think we will be setting ourselves up for a big disappointment if we expect most or all of the outstanding software issues to be remedied by 6.15. I expect this to be an incremental process where the software gets better with each release, but it will probably take Fisker a number of months to fix all of the problems. In the meantime, it seems most of us are really enjoying our cars!

The early McLaren MP4-12C buyers experienced the same sorts of issues, and that is a car that costs 2.5X the Karma. If fact they still don't have NAV or Bluetooth 8 months after first deliveries.

This is not to make excuses for either Fisker or McLaren, just to say that it is really hard to deliver perfection at first release in these complicated automobiles.
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