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Hi All,

I re-arranged how I'm parking cars in the garage and now the cord on my Level II charger doesn't reach the Karma. I know what you're thinking - "Just park the Karma where you used to" - but that won't work any longer (long story, trust me).

So...I'm wondering if there is a way to adapt some kind of longer charging cable to my Schneider Electric Level II charger. I'd rather not go to the trouble of relocating the charging station.


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Yep. Several folks have these:

Fabulist posted about his a while back and swears by it.

True; I use it all the time, especially at public charging stations that are designed for cars with the charging port in the front. Two suggestions: These are made to order, so if you need a specific length, be sure to mention it when you order, and if you want it in a different color than Black, ask about that too.

Here's a picture of my extension cord being used in a public parking structure in San Francisco:
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