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Leave it charging?

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Hello guys, when I charge my Fisker, and he is fully charged, should I pull the charger out of the car, or is it better to leave him in the car. Sometimes, I don't use the car for 2 or 3 days, so is it better to leave it charging all the time? I know about the balancing, but allways charging is mayby not a good idea?
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If the charger turned off, it is my experience that it will not just "turn on again" and start a cell balance. If it wanted to cell balance, it would do it and still show "charging" the whole time. So, there's no benefit to leaving it plugged in. All it will do is once an hour pop on, see that the cells are "full" and pop off again. So, I tend to unplug mine once I see that the charging has stopped. Why chance a power surge or thunderstorm or something?

Thank you guys for your help...
How about balancing the battery! Who does it, and how?
The car's computer decides when/whether to do a cell balance. You can try to force it by driving to 0 stealth, fully charge, drive to 0 again, and then leave it on a charger for a full day (works better on a 220V charger). But, it's not guaranteed. The computer will decided to do it or not.
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