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Lear Charger is trash but evconnect Kicks Butt

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Had my Fisker Branded Lear Charger fail in the same manner as others have reported.

Problem: I'm leaving town tomorrow for a few weeks and really don't want to either:

A)Leave the car not on charge sitting for a few weeks.

B)Leave the car on the low voltage charger with an extension cord stretched across my lawn. (I park the Fisker under a large Port-Cache which only has power for my 240 volt Level 2 charger.)

Kudos to evconnect with a special shout out to Olga, she got me a new Eaton charger (Much Nicer than Lear) in less than 24 Hours, so I could have the electricians here to hook it up so car can be on charge while I'm gone.
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By the way, I leave my car unplugged in a garage for weeks on end (once as long as 5 weeks) and have had zero problems with the battery. I think I lost about 1 mile of battery range (from 17 miles of range to 16 when I came back). So it should be ok to leave your Karma a few weeks without any problems.
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