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Karma Warranty certificate?

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Due to the A123 troubles in April/May 2012, Fisker promised every MY2012 owner an extension of the warranty

Did anybody get a certificate or some legally resilient paper... Beside the above press release?

My dealer pretends to know absolutely nothing about this and told me, that owners will be notified if something will become available....

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Promises don't cost a thing... no legally resilient paper received... I guess this would be handled by Fisker service only in case there is clear cut case for battery replacement.
It is clearly stated:

The enhanced customer care package includes:

A complete battery replacement at no cost for all affected 2012 MY Fisker Karma owners

All North American customers will receive a full vehicle warranty extension from 50months/50,000 miles to 60months/60,000 miles.

In Europe, coverage also will be extended from 48 months/100,000km to 60 months/100,000 km.

See the word /affected/ for the replacement, where the warranty extension applies to every owner.

I guess, I will contact Fisker for a clear statement. I don't think, that they will step back, as they got good press comments after that announcement.

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I remember receiving a letter from Fisker about the warranty extension. I will have to dig to see if I still have it.
I received a letter in the mail dated April 9, 2012.

It starts as follows:

Dear Fisker Customers,

Fisker Automotive and our Retailers would like to announce a significant upgrade to the VIP Customer Care Coverage included with the purchase of all 2012 Model Year Karma vehicles.

This enhanced customer care package will apply to all existing and future 2012 Model Year Karma customers and includes:

* A full vehicle warranty extension from 50 months/ 50,000 miles to 60 months/60,000miles
* Includes 5 years/50,000 miles of factory scheduled maintenance

The letter also discusses the A123 battery manufacturing issue and goes on to state:

...As a result, over a period of time, A123 will be replacing all impacted battery modules and packs for all of its customers, including the battery packs that power the Fisker Karma

The letter also talks about the then-upcoming 6.15 release of the software

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Thanks allot.

Could somebody please PM me a scan of the letter?

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