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Karma Test Drive

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I test drove the Karma today. I am in the the market for something special and this car is very different and striking. Here are my observations:

1.It was cold outside and the hood got stuck trying to open it. Noticed the front panel was rubbing against the hood.
2.Interior was leather canyon tri-tone/ shadow exterior. Seats looked and felt tight.
3. Doors, hood, trunk are fiberglas or composite, felt light but closed solid, except the hood. Hood feels cheap. Some road noise, are doors insulated?
4. The ride felt 90% of that of a BMW. It's stout feels connected and sporty. Does anyone know if this suspension is adjustable to create a more supple ride?
5. It could use more HP but it's decent thrust considering how unique knovel this car is. Does anyone know how to increase HP? Torque is wonderful.
6. No engine sound but there is the factory default noise added for blind pedestrians, can another engine noise be substituted?
7. If windshield cracks what is the replacement? Tires, LED lighting, road side service?
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Was your dealer unable to answer some of these questions for you? especially 7.
There is no authorized way to boost the HP. It is a 5300 lb car.
I don't know what car you drove, but the doors, hood, and trunk of my Karma are aluminum. Only thing that is plastic are the bumpers.
The suspension is not customer adjustable. It is designed for auto-load leveling to keep the headlights on target.
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