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It seems the Fisker PR machine is starting to hit its stride. While flipping channels last night I ended up seeing the Karma TWICE:

The first segment was on The Car Show with Adam Carolla, which we knew was coming. It was billed by Adam as the first TV drive of the Karma, and Adam along with Henrik take the car for a spin on the twisty Mullholland Drive, then they had the car in-studio. It was an overwhelmingly positive peice, with none of the usual noise complaints about Sport mode. Info and hopefully some clips can be found here:

The second time I saw the Karma was a surprise: There's a new show on the Velocity channel (née HD Theater) called Tech Toys 360. The inaugural episode aired last night and included a segment on the Karma. There was nothing new here, in fact all of the footage was obviously Fisker-supplied B-roll. It's all footage we've seen before - those formerly silent clips of a Karma parked by or driving along a lake, parked in front of a fountain and (my favorite) on a highway not-so-subtly passing a Prius and a gasoline tanker truck. The music and voice-over was pretty generic too, but overall it was a nice little commercial for the Karma. They did get some facts wrong, like saying it makes 1,100 foot-pounds of torque. Of course in another segment on the same show they expressed torque in "feet per pound", so the writers probably aren't engineers. You can check out the show here:

Update: Snippets of the Karma segment on Tech Toys here:

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