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I am helping my friend sell his Fisker due to his work schedule.

2012 Fisker Karma ES
VIN. YH4K144A0CA001772
11k miles
58k OBO

My friend purchased the car new from Fisker Las Vegas when it existed. He drove the car daily until last winter then parked it in his garage when his job transitioned to frequent traveling.
After some persuasion he has agreed to sell it instead of it just sitting in the garage.
I brought the car out of storage and had new front tires put on due to excessive wear. The car was also professionally cleaned after its 10 month hibernation.
Since pulling it out I have put about 450 miles on the car driving it daily to make sure it functions as it should.
Car drives as expected and all electronics work on vehicle. I decided to list the car here because of the knowledge base and I would like to see it go to an enthusiast.
If sale doesnt happen, I will be forced to sell it on ebay and autotrader.
Please feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them or get the answers.
Here is a link to album of photos I had taken of car for selling it. I tried to upload here but there is a issue of somekind.
Thank you and look forward to any input or knowledge you may have.
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Interesting - it appears to be running the unreleased beta of the new Infotainment software. I'm guessing that this is a car Lormax is familiar with.
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