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Karma Crash Test Results

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Not to open another can of worms, but when are we supposed to get some crash test results? I mean they've done the testing yet we've heard nothing. The way Fisker's track record has been this is probably not a good sign. I'd really like to know if the car is a death trap before I buy one.

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Thanks to the aluminium subframe and the big center tunnel the Fisker Karma is the second strongest car in the world (36.000 Nm, the strength needed to bend the car by 1 degree, as I understand it). Only a Rolls Royce Phantom is stronger (42.000 Nm). For comparison: an Audi A6 gets to 26.000 Nm.

(I heard these numbers from an inside source a few months ago)
The tunnel should help significantly in preventing the engine from ending up in your lap during a front impact. And a Mac truck probably couldn't get to the passengers from a rear impact.

That said, it would be the side impact tests that would be most informative. The tunnel isn't much help if you get crushed against it when you're t-boned in an intersection.
All that extra weight should at least help with the car's safety.

-- Fab.
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