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A short video of an Italian Fisker Karma on the Monaco street circuit. The driver is very 'passionate', but the winter tires do not help with the grip, I suppose. And at 28 sec. we almost had the first Karma crash! If you look a few more times you see how close the X5 came.

Here are a few more short videos from this series:

This includes the piece with the near-crash:

The 21 inch winter wheels and tires do not look bad at all. But personally I prefer the original 22 inch wheels, which are on the car with the Monaco license plates in these videos.

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The driver is the journalist who wrote this article, for one of the most important newspaper in Italy:

we took pictures on the streets of Monaco during our Europe tour, for the gallery you can find in the article.
The famous journalist drove the Karma "funny" but safe, he went over the m-line only if the streets were free
and in the video with the X5 you can see that both cars didn't drives over the median line (or better, the X5 did it initially..), the Karma wasn't almost crashing, absolutely !

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Here is the google translation of the article . Note the consumption figures at the end of the article. Over the trip of 1100 Miles, the observed electric range was around 43 Miles and the Mileage with the ICE running is between 18 and 25 MPG in fast mountain driving. The overall range was 282 Miles. These are good numbers.

-- Fab.

With the electric Fisker Karma on mountain passes
Over 1000 miles on the sedan America driven by batteries and a gasoline generator

LONDON-We carried out the first road test of over 1000 km with the Fisker Karma. Electric Car innovative moves thanks to the batteries (autonomy 80 km) and a power generator petrol (engine turbo 260cv source GM). The motion is transmitted only through the central magnet, a magnetic drive.

The special test of the Fisker Karma

Majestic, with its 5 meter and 21-inch wheels . The sinuous line was drawn by an author's signature: Henry Fisker, who previously worked for Aston Martin and BMW (Its the Z8). On board, we welcome a living room sports faux leather and aluminum shift instead, replaced with 4 buttons, a window to see the lithium-ion batteries, which allow the engine to have a power of 150 hp and a torque "monster" of 1300nm.

Meran-Monte Carlo and Milan . We start in electric mode, "Stealth": a quiet ride without tears, but with a mighty thrust, almost like an 8-cylinder gasoline engine, but there is a zero-emission engine. After 70 km the batteries are running low and turns on automatically the gasoline generator. His intervention is necessary to recharge the batteries. Sink the accelerator, in Sport mode, to hear the 400cv: the exhaust noise is added to the whistle technology rotor electrical works with the unit with petrol: 0 to 100 km / h is passed in 6 seconds, despite the 2400 kg.

It 's time to take the first tank of gas: if the car did not have the generator on board we would stop. But the Fisker Karma is an electric "traditional", but a car "extended range". On the pass of the Karma climbs with decision due to the massive electric torque, the steering is very light, but very precise. Chassis and sports suspension make us entertained. Downward towards Tuscany reload again and start the economy "drive" up to Monte Carlo. Hence leave for Italy: The Karma Wizard in a tourist is easy and light. We arrive in Milan after covering 1100 km, the test is successful. The distances with the generator switched stood between 8 and 11 km / liter, the range in average is about 450 km.
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