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Karma a "loss leader" at $96K

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Saw this interview from Ray Lane (Fisker Board member and largest shareholder) at the EV conference this week. Couple of highlights I picked from that conversation:

1. Ray Lane uses a 110V to charge his Karma!
2. At $96K, the base Fisker Karma is a "loss leader"
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Very interesting interview. Thanks for posting, SoCalGuy!

I think Ray Lane is somewhat incorrect when he says of internet enabled autos: “Get EV’s out on the street first, get to critical mass first, then think about apps and such. Then people can view the EV as their rolling personality, like a smart phone or tablet, and transport that to the car. App developers will have plenty of opportunity, but the market isn’t there yet. Automakers have difficulty accepting concept of installing a third party device for the instrument panel, like the iPhone or iPad. But they will need to come on board.”

I think the market *is* there. As a consumer, I would *love* to see a company like Fisker work with Apple to put an iPad-like device in the dash of the car. Such a device could serve a myriad of functions from handling audio entertainment to navigation (showing traffic!) to providing access to third party applications for countless other tasks.

Crazy that he uses a 110V charger!
Weird Fishes said:
Crazy that he uses a 110V charger!
i wonder how he does that when he gets to the newest HP office at moffett tower, from some reason the only way you can plug to a charger here is from a light pole in the yard..

there are 0 EV parking spors in this huge 1000 car parking structure.
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