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Welcome to this forum Kabalah.

Communication from Fisker itself is very scarce - the newsletters are far and few between and usually contain the same information (technical features) over and over again. I guess they are working really hard to get this car out there, and keeping the dealers and customers informed falls victim to that. I find it also disappointing. But I do believe we will see production start in March and first deliveries in April. We have to be just a little bit more patient: less than three months now. After waiting for over 3 years (I'm #217), I guess we can still handle that.

Although I do get annoyed for every extra week that I have to fill up my car with 70 liters of gasoline at € 1.60 ($2.16) per liter ($150 total, we pay more than twice as much as Americans do, 75% of the amount is taxes).

My dealer told me that the 100 signature cars, of which you are #57, will definitely be the first to be produced. So you are still first in line.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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