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Just another Saturday in Sandy Eggo

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It's not every day that 3 Fisker Karmas are in my driveway so I thought I'd share a couple of pics of the visitors. Both owners are on the board here but mostly lurking for now...I'll let them chime in and say "Hi" if they so desire.

Lormax came down to do a 5,000 mile service on my car (although I only have 3,200 miles...yah, I'm crazy like that) and change out my noisy lug nuts. The white Karma needed the water intrusion problem on the lower windshield handled. The brushed steel (wrapped) Karma had a prototype bracket installed in the trunk to prevent the struts from popping off and/or not functioning correctly.

One interesting footnote: We had the "whole collection" here - 1 EcoStandard, 1 EcoSport, and 1 EcoChic.


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Well done, looks like a good day indeed! And nice to see the whole collection (although you were missing the "Signature Edition", which is different than the other 3).
The signature is an Ecosport with different colors (and the signature on the center console).
Well that fries my RDM cause I'm in San Diego and Lormax is coming down in a couple of weeks to work on our car. Could have added another EcoSport to your pictures. So if anyone needs some work on their car in the Del Mar area, PM me and we'll see if we can get a few cars together. Looking forward to Lormax's magic!
Well that fries my RDM!
That is awesome. Respect for coining that expression.
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