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Is it worthwhile to purchase a new Karma from a dealer?

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Still on my quest for knowledge and education on finding and purchasing a Karma. Recently visited Fisker Tampa Bay which claim they were the #2 dealer in the nation. Was informed that they are still selling new Karmas in inventory at a reduced price with tax credit available.

Warranty and parts issues are dicey and questionable and claim to have a technician that flies in occasionally to do major work when enough work to be done is in the area. That may be someone on this forum.

I've also understood that examples with higher miles that are "proven" are the desired buys. My question is wanting to know opinions on purchasing new. Considering the periodic visits by technician, shouldn't most, if not all bugs solved and fixes be already taken care of? Especially the large/expensive items? Or is that a bad assumption?
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I would buy what makes financial sense. I just bought mine with 7k miles for 55k. New ones seem to be about 20k more. I couldn't justify the difference
Its your call really. We just sold one of our last 2 new (untitled) cars. Delivering it this week. It went for 80k and it is tax credit eligible. We will take care of any repairs needed should anything fail (besides maintenance) to give the client piece of mind. On the other hand the 50-60k priced cars out there can be good or bad. Just a crapshoot, but you are significantly ahead financially should it need repairs.kind of your own self funded warranty. Ive had cars brought to me people got cheap and they need 10k in repairs and others that were in great shape needing nothing. Research a car before buying in this realm is the best I can say.
They are far from number 2 in the nation I would love to see that in writing the tech that flew in was most likely Travis and you have to ask yourself this question if they are number 2 in the nation why would they need to fly a tech in to fix a Karma they are a new car dealership wouldn't you think they would have a tech on hand to fix problems.

I have a bunch of customers from that area who called Tampa and asked for basic services to been done they would told they no longer service the Karma's . Seems to me something isn't Kosher here.
As mentioned you need to do what you are comfortable with the Karma is far from bug free you need to take this into account .
Good points. The 20k difference in price may not be cost effective for same repairs considering.

May be easier to head to you, Harleyguy, where it seems I could get reliable services done. I am down there quite oftenand have a house in Tamarac.

I think I need to stop being stuck on color combo and just find 1 with right interior color, updates done and can wrap car in preferred exterior color.
If your in the area before you purchase or after a purchase please free to stop by
If your in the area before you purchase or after a purchase please free to stop by
Thank you for the invite. Definitely will.
How ironic that you would see the car becoming more valuable as MORE miles are added - my car is just appreciating with every commute!

That's a good observation about exterior color: I like my color but still look forward to wrapping just because it just looks so **** cool! Interior maters more in the decision.

Pretty concerning about Tampa. If they signed the "participating dealer" agreement and really aren't participating, then how safe is ANY owner with their "new" warranty?
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