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siliconkiwi said:
You can't share album art over a standard BT A2DP profile. My screen just shows pause/play (and next/last? - cant remember), no images.

Yeah, I use a 12v iPhone charger plugged into the cig adapter. I usually charge at night, so don't really use charging in the car. Some future SW update (6.14?) will re-enable the USB data link, at which time I believe you'll get a traversable menu of what's on your iPod, not sure about album art. Low priority IMHO versus the other SW issues.
I have a super low-profile 12V to USB adapter plugged into the 12V plug in the console and and a retractable 30-pin Apple cable. I was also warned not to use the USB connector in the console until the next software release. The BT Audio works fine and I use the steering wheel controls for volume, previous-next, etc. rather than the command center.

-- Fab.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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