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Iphone sound Quality on Bluetooth on 6.15

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I have the latest 6.15 install a brand new iPhone 4S and sitting a block from a cell tower with 5 bars of reception the Bluetooth sound quality of the built in phone is poor to the point of not being usable. It almost sounds like the audio amp is being driven hard with subsonics so it has very bad clipping distortion, I tried turning the volume down but then you can't here the call. Anybody got any ideas on improving it or is this a 6.16 issue? It's strange because the streaming music audio sounds OK.

Curiouser and Curiouser.
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Good thought I'll try that ASAP... Maybe preamp clipping or out of range for the front end A/D or D/A
In my car the BT was totally unusable with 6.14 see list below why:

BT phone would hang the Sat. Radio audio to the point you had to reboot to get it back

BT would not disconnect properly at shut down...I never ran my 12 volt Battery down as others reported but that was probably dumb luck.

BT phone audio up and down was TERRIBLE. I couldn't hear people at all and they reported my audio was almost illegible.

When BT was active the volume control became somewhat flaky.

This phone is an iPhone 4S that works perfectly on Bluetooth with several other cars.

Other than that it was fantastic.

It seems like everything is fixed now except for the phone audio quality.
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WreckedKarma said:
iphone 4s white which makes it better but anyways the bluetooth is just ok with 6.15, one thing that concerns me is that I do not have an independant bluetooth volume control like some have said. I turn the volume up when I am on a call and then when the call ends the radio is super loud..
Same here...the iPhone does not have a separate volume control on the Bluetooth output. I believe it's direct digital from the stored mp3 file or from the phone the analog "Volume" control really has no meaning anyway, the bits are the bits.

BTW I tried everything today to get a better setup with the phone ... NO GO. Echos, Clipping Distortion and Feedback.

That said, the streaming music seems to work great, which in itself is a big improvement over 6.14.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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