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Interpreting Fault Codes on the Fisker-branded Lear EVSE

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Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I had a fault indicator with my EVConnect-sourced Fisker-branded Lear charger. I tried recyling the breaker to no avail. The folks at EVConnect were great and immediately sent me a new charger and dispatched an electrician to swap out the faulty unit. Props to EVConnect for the great customer service. Interestingly, between the time I contacted EVConnect and the time the replacement arrived the unit reset itself and the fault went away. I had it replaced anyway.

EVConnect sent me a spreadsheet that allowed me to interpret the fault code shown on the device as a sequence of flashing LEDs. My fault turned out to be a "Relay Open Failed", whatever that means :) I've attached the spreadsheet to this post for anyone with the Lear/Legrand EVSE.

See my next post about something very interesting I learned too...



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Glenn that is the same one I was looking at. It had very good reviews.
Please let us know how you like it.

ps. How much was your installation?
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