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Interior lighting questions

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So was wondering if anyone can answer 2 questions for me regarding interior lighting with the karma...
1- my trunk light doesnt work. I have tried to take it out and get the cover off to check the bulb but am afraid to break any parts (seems to have 2 small push in plastic pieces that hold cover on the light box on one side that look fragile!) Im thinking of somehow checking the bulb and then possibly the fuse 9although all other lighting works so doubt its the fuse)- any ideas of how to get the bulb out??

2- I think one of the most bothersome things is getting out of the car at night and the interior lighting lasts about 10 seconds after you open the door and then goes off- not safe for a single female especially. Its bad enough that once you open the door you cant use the windows or any power features (unless Im mistaken- the power accessory delay setting seems to only work till you open the door- but is that just a glitch in my system?). there are no settings that I can see to prolong the duration of the interior lighting when you exit the vehicle, seems the " exit lighting" setting only prolongs the headlamps (and nto interior lighting)...any ideas of how to improve this??

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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