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Interaction with another vehicle

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I had a very strange thing happen with my Karma yesterday. Whenever a Lexus SUV was behind me and we were both stopped, my proximity sensor would put out 3 beeps then a bit later 3 more beeps. This would continue as long as we were both stopped. When we were moving the beeps would stop. He was not so close to my rear bumper to normally set off the proximity sensor. This went on for some time as traffic was very bad. When I finally pulled away from the Lexus the beeping stopped.
It acted like the Lexus was emitting some kind of signal that the Karma's proximity sensors were picking up and causing the Karma to beep. Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue?
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Interesting. I wonder if the Lexus had it "collision avoidance" on. My wife has a constant collision avoidance system that continuously has a "radar" signal in the front to detect a pending collision. I will have to try with both cars running. Will let you know.
Marswill, I tested with a Lexus GS350 and my Fisker. I placed the Lex 3.5 feet from rear of the Fisker, after ensuring the front sensor on the Fisker were not active (garage). I placed the Lex in Drive with the brake on to simulate stopped in traffic with the collision avoidance system active. I then placed the Fisker in drive also, with my foot on the brake. Nada, nothing... no reaction from the Fisker at all. Obviously, I could not duplicate the distance or the exact Lexus Vehicle. Thought I would give it a try. Interesting with all the electronic signals floating around, it is good the only thing is a few beeps.
AIJOHN, Thanks for trying that out. Makes me wonder what was going on. It was very repeatable.
AIJOHN, Thanks for trying that out. Makes me wonder what was going on. It was very repeatable.
The proximity sensors are based on SONAR and will not be affected by a RADAR-based emitter, such as the collision avoidance system on a Lexus. Maybe the sonar emitters on the Lexus were slightly off frequency and were confusing the Karma's receivers. Alternatively, the Lexus may have been putting out too much power and spoofing your Karma's receiver to think it was a reflection of its own signal. Or maybe the Lexus was equipped with the "Wild Weasel" option that can jam other cars' sensors? :dodgy:

Did the Lexus happen to have one of these bolted onto it?

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Hm, our Lexus (SUV, RX450h) has a blind spot detection system which is basically the same as a proximity detector but aimed differently. I'll have to try lining it up with the Karma some time.
I figure this beep every time, on the way to a customer, standing at a traffic light, while being passed by a battery powered road sweeper on the sidewalk...
Sometimes also with EV public busses in my area.

It is fine for me, as long it shows only the beep...
Did the Lexus happen to have one of these bolted onto it?

Fabulist, ROFL!
I have had similar experiences when in proximity to some Lexi (plural of Lexus). Happened in my Karma and now my Porsche....

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