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Important Safety Instructions

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My friend has the album that has this song on it and played it for me.


Wikipedia entry for the album

The lyrics are strangely applicable and hysterical... :D
Important Safety Instructions!

When Using Karma,
Basic safety precautions as below should always be followed
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury
Read and understand all instructions!

Two: Do not use this Karma near water!
For example, near a bathtub
Washbowl, kitchen sink
Or the like

Three: Do not cover slots and openings of the Karma
For they are provided for ventilation
And protection against overheating
Never place Karma near radiators!
Or in place where proper ventilation is not provided

Four: Install this Karma securely
On a stable surface
Serious damage may result
If the Karma falls

Five: To reduce the risk of electric shock
Do not disassemble Karma
But take it to a qualified service man
When some service or repair work is required
Openings or removing covers
May expose you to dangerous voltages or other risks!
Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock
When the appliance is subsequently used.

Save these instructions.

To prevent fire or shock hazard
Do not expose this Karma
To rain or any type of moisture.
Thank you for listening.
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Thats kinda like a bunch of Haiku's. Very nice and soothing!
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