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I need snow tires!

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We had a big winter storm arrive in the Salt Lake area starting Friday. Originally the forecast was "some snow Friday evening", but it turned into "snow all day Friday and continuing until Sunday afternoon". At my house (which I have just moved into, and still have some more moving-in to do over the next few days) we've gotten well over a foot of snow, probably somewhere in the 15-to-18 inches of snow range. (Hard to be sure, it doesn't pile that high on small stuff, some of the initial fall melted, etc.)

Anyway, the Karma with its summer tires loses grip pretty easily. I'll have to go get the winter tires and see how they work. My older brother took the AWD vehicle up to visit my younger brother, so for everything this weekend I have had to use the Karma. No problem on the plowed stuff but at the rate it's been coming down ... :confused:

(I've also fallen off the edge of the new driveway twice, not because of slipping on snow but rather because I just don't know where it is, yet :blush: ... well, the snow doesn't help either, as it hides the driveway edge. This does make me wonder if it might be good to have the backup camera view show "tires are here" lines on it though!)
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