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whats wrong with HVAC UNIT?
When you set the temperature or where you want the air to come out the drive motors which adjust the blend shade are looking for a certain position based on the setting you entered which is called desired. The DMM motors count how many steps they need to get to the desired position .Problem while trying to match desired and actual position the motor over powers the shade and it rips apart very thin material .

We can look at live data and it shows desired and actual position once again this is a software based issue and early Vin cars have a non programable HVAC module . Fisker came out with a new module that can be programmed with software and early Vin cars can be ungraded to the newer style module.

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wow... don't seem to have a problem currently. Is there a cut over Number that has the new module? And, is the upgrade module a means to prevent the serious repair that is in the videos? Recommendations? Thanks as always.

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Yes it's a big job and a royal pain also . When I remove the old HVAC unit I will take another video. I have three more cars to do after this one two are forum members .
I'm one of them :cool:
Nice to see you will have a few of these under your belt for practice before I get in there. You'll have it down to a science!

Fiscali: You will know you have this problem if, as soon as you open the car door, you hear a whining noise coming from inside the dash (before the car is even turned on). I notice it sometimes when I open the passenger door too.

The other "symptom" of the problem is that it fogs the bottom center of the windshield. In the summer here it can get pretty bad - even dangerous - which is the main reason to do the fix. Other than the fogging, the problem is pretty benign (the noise is a slight annoyance, and the A/C still works, which is why I left it a year).

The problem seems to be worse when it's hot out, or when I have the car parked in the sun (which is almost always) - not really sure why this is.

I'm looking forward to fixing what has been the one and only real problem with #328 .
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