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I hope I am posting this in the correct spot. My apologies ahead of time for all the mistakes I am about to make
Newer Fisker owner here, but like a previous poster who made me smile with 'long time lurker' comment, as that is me.
I have had my Fisker for about 9 months - already these forum have educated me beyond measure and would like to say thank you, thank you.
Bought my car of a friend who had it for 4 years. Told him the only person he was going to sell it to was me and finally he had to let go. Benefit to selling it to me is he still gets to drive it. Must admit this car is slightly sexier than my prius and gets just a bit more second glances
Looking at this car as a lifer so will be picking people's brains to keep this beauty going
I split time between Calgary Alberta and Kelowna BC Canada, if any other owners in the area
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