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How to clean the engine on the fisker??

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Hi everyone,

I want to clean the engine on the fisker, can I pressure wash the engine?? Or is there another way to do this???

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with all the electronics in the Karma, I would strongly recommend NOT power washing the engine. I clean mine with a damp cloth sometimes with a little grease cleaner on the cloth. Power washing a "modern" engine could create a host of problems that will be impossible to diagnose.
Is there rally a need to do this?
I never cleaned my engine of any of my cars.
Or do you live in a really dusty environment?

Btw: I never have been asked to open the engine compartment of my Fisker.
Thanks Everyone. My main reason to ask how to clean the engine was because I am taking the car to a local car show here in Fresno, CA tomorrow. And the engine was really dusty.
Here where I live in central ca (Fresno, CA) it gets very dusty in the summer time because of all the ag land around us.

Damp rag, microfibre. Then i finish off the rubber and plastic with a light, light coating of tire shine, but only once I get to the car show. Our Karma won third place last year in San Diego, with no modifications. Speaks to the styling by Mr. Fisker!
Deep Ocean, what car show were you at in San Diego? It is so rare to see another Fisker in town.
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