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How many Karma's are you selling?

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I've never seen anything like the Karma and the reaction by people. We took trips this week and last and the hotel allowed to park up front so we could plug in.

I bet we told 30 doctors about the car last weekend. Many wanted to know exactly where to get one. They loved what I told them about not spending any money on gas, about the tech, etc. We even met a nice couple because of the car and ended up having a great dinner with them.

This weekend the hotel had a jewelers convention and I bet 10 big time jewelers were very interested in buying one. They wanted the dealer name.

And what's so weird is that it's not a certain "group" or demographics that like the Karma. EVERYONE likes it; from grandma's to professionals. From 18 to 70. All races. All cultures.

No one seems to be intimidated about the car and so we get a lot of questions and I don't mind spending an extra 10 minutes to chat about the car. I've never seen anything like it.

So fair warning; if you don't like attention and hate talking to strangers, don't buy a Karma. This car attracts people like a magnet.

I only wish I were able to benefit from the PR I'm giving. And no, I don't talk about the bugs. I figure if they get as far as calling the dealer; the salesman can handle telling them the downside.
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