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There were 77 Laguna orders by the end, and just those 77 were going to be made. (See references to a "one-77" :D interestingly, there's a distinct resemblance...) How many were actually made, shipped, etc., I don't know, and I suspect some were in port when Sandy destroyed 330+ Karmas.

(I have one of the remaining however-many...)
I was told by my dealer that Laguna was the most popular color ordered but people gave up waiting for it and picked different color cars as they came in sooner.

With that in mind and knowing that 330ish cars were destroyed in Sandy - it's a conservative guess that 10% were Laguna. So, ~33 Lagunas destroyed in Sandy leaving maybe 44 left in the world. One of them is tucked away in my garage. :D
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