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2012 Fisker Karma EcoChic Hybrid Silver Wind Exterior on Glacier Tri-Tone Interior
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I purchased a car mostly sitting for 6 months after dealership troubleshooted 1) Needs cooling fan since it was not running and the temp light was coming on for the previous owner when running occationally in sport mode and 2) "Needs Charging module as it will not charge". Owner drove the car daily thus about 1000 miles per month then last year ac stopped cooling then Charging stopped. No funds to repair was the story ....

I started this week by changing the fan so I can get the car smog check for registration since all monitors are set and ready ... just need to drive it across town. Now the issue ...
Note: Car only runs using ICE due to the battery < 10% on the meter and not charged for 6 Months .. Another issue for later.

First drive at 7 miles , HCT/Oil light came on ... Opened reservoir which had little pressure and it was full
Drove it 2 more times after reading "burp" post but same thing ... Light on about 4 miles of hard driving.

Large Top Radiator hose coming off left side of engine ... FIRM & TOO HOT to touch
Heater hose HOT for the first foot or so from the large black box under the Battery Reservoir tank
Inside heater controls set to HIGH HEAT but no heat into vehicle.
ICE Cooling fan runs on HIGH telling me it knows something is HOT
Bottom radiator return hose cool as it should be

How do I verify circulation?
Should I continue trying to burp the system? Do I do it with Reservoir cap off or?
Can it be a stuck thermostat? Test or should I just replace ...

Any suggestions as I was sure the cooling fan RxR would get rolling down the road?

Appreciate the insight on next steps ..


Checked water and added about 1 qt to the reservoir
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