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Here us how the 2013 Leaf charges vs our Fisker

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well.. not sure why leafs are doing that, but check out this graphs that compares between the a brand new 2013 Nissan Leaf (no plates 2-3 weeks in use) and my Fisker.


it seems that the 6.6kw onboard charger on the Leaf is "full on" for 80% of the battery capacity, after that the charger ramps down very slowly over an hour.. that kinda disappointing isn't it?

in our Karma, it's the same "speed" from start to finish!
bottom line here is that instead of the Leaf giving x2 speed over the karma, it is hardly 10% better!


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Hmm, that is not my experience. Our Leaf delivers a full charge in about 4 hours, vs. 5 for the Karma. Or, 18 miles per hour of charge for the Leaf vs. 10 miles of charge per hour for the Karma. I can't give more exact numbers, we haven't had the Leaf long enough, or been paying that close of attention. I suppose, as we have 2 chargers, the charger we use for the Leaf could be faster, but I don't think so.
For full charge you might be right, but here in this example both cars needs to charge 13kw to get to full, the leaf did that. In 15 mins less with a charger that should be able to provide a double charging rate, it does that according to the graphs, but only till it reaches a certain battery level.

I guess Nissan, with their battery technology is taking less of a risk and this is by design to have only the 80% charged in full speed after that, from what I read, they did cell equalizing and similar balancing "tasks" that are probably not needed for the battery that is in the Karma or other EVs that has that has the same nano-phosphate technology that is made by a123/b456

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