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Help - Gremlins getting out of hand...

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Ok, I knew there were a few bugs in the Karma and of course some have been "Livable." But besides these:

1- Folding mirrors don't auto-fold on shutdown 95% of the time and when they do they don't unfold?

2- The bluetooth is just useless.

3- Radio will not save stations.

4-My "Miles to go" on battery when I get around 14-19 miles suddenly go to zero battery miles.

5- My backup camera quit coming on when I go into reverse.

6- And now this latest one is an issue that maybe someone here can help with. My Navigation just simply quit working and displayed this message for the last couple days. It was working fine before. *I do not live anywhere near a service center.

Any thoughts?

I have no way of taking it to a service center for a re-flash of the CIU.
*A under the hood pull & reset the cord reset maybe? And if so, what else is done after that. I have heard you have to adjust the powers windows etc?

Thanks in advance for all the help I'm about to get.

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Item 4 is by far the most significant item. It almost certainly means that you have a bad module in your battery. You will want to arrange to have that repaired before the CSP program ends at the end of next month. (Note that you don't have to COMPLETE the repair before the end of January but you need to be on the service schedule)
Also have your software level checked... the mirror and blue tooth issues were fixed in a prior software release.
Also have your software level checked... the mirror and blue tooth issues were fixed in a prior software release.

The Bluetooth isn't fixed... I'm on 520

Is it?
No BlueTooth is not good at all specially using a cell phone!!!
No BlueTooth is not good at all specially using a cell phone!!!

Same on my side. Music is fine, but has less controls as other cars, but phone is horrible!!!
It's so bad, I don't use it actually as it makes so much interference noise. Music is fine as you say but phone conversation is next to impossible!! Anyone have any solutions? Is it the iPhone that does this or other phones are the same? Any ideas?
Did the mirrors ever fold in the early software used to burn the mirror motors out if the car has and software level above 615 i believe its not software the mirrors are burnt out.
If you car has had 520 they need to reflash 510 into the CIU
Battery needs to be checked for a weak module
The presets and Nav same question depends on software level even if the car is on 510 it doesn't hurt to try and reload the CIU
Better find a way to have it reflashed or checked a hard reset won't help if anything the CIU can be removed sent to a CSP and installed into another car and files reloaded .
Thanks Harley... I was only trying to suggest a software check based on the symptoms and the request for "help".

I used my Blackberry and now my Samsung with no issues save to adjust the volume on the phone not to over drive the input. No issues here.
It must be an iPhone issue then. Thanks
Not sure on the IPhone. Actually the bluetooth worked better when I upgraded the phone to Samsung. I got the actual House Icons and Mobile Icon on the display, just as on the phone.

Whether I drive my Audi or the Karma, it pairs seamlessly to either. I also use it for Nav when I don't want to bother with all the menus and checks on the Karma.... plus it considers "real time traffic". I just put on Blue Tooth music and the directions come through the car speakers. I put the Screen on NAV.. Works great that way.

It was much better after 510 upgrade a couple years ago.
It is not only an iPhone issue.

Tried with these phones without success:
Samsung Galaxy S2
2 diff LG
Google phone...
and a Linux phone.

All the same issues with Bluetooth.
Never had any issue with Bluetooth using Lumia 920.
Music, phone calls, I use it constantly.
I have owned three different Iphone models since I bought the Fisker (4s, 5s, and 6) and the BT on all of them has worked both for music and hands-free conversation. The overall quality is not great, admittedly, and it works best when the volume on the phone is very low because it reduces the sensitivity of the microphone input and reduces the echo. Just reduce the volume on the phone to just above MUTE and then use the car's volume control to set the desired volume.

You will still get pops and crackles, but the hands-free is still very usable.
Yes, my issue is pops and crackles specially if it is long distance, or overseas. Local calls are fine. I am in between phones so may try the Samsung Galaxy for a change. The lowering of the volume does not help.
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