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Hello from The Netherlands

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Nice initiative, this website!

I am from The Netherlands and have been on the waiting list for a Karma since January 2008 (just before it was introduced in Detroit). #217, so hope to be driving this stunning car in March or April of 2011. I heard production should reach 1000 units per month fairly quickly after February 2011, so hopefully the wait won't be much longer for people further down the list.

Some 'inside information' I got from my dealer: production will be for the US and Europe/world in alternate weeks. So week 1 US, week 2 Europe, week 3 US, week 4 Europe. This makes sense, as the trim will differ slightly.

Test drives should be possible in october/november, according to the dealer.

What I'm still trying to figure out is what the difference will be between the Basic-version and the Sport-version. The only difference I could find is fewer exterior colours to choose from (only two) and fake leather versus real leather (my dealer said the fake leather should also look and feel very good). I wonder if there are ay other differences which would explain the difference in price (of about 8000 dollar; 6000 euro).

Fisker is still giving a figure of 1600 for orders so far, but I am guessing this number is at least 3 times higher. The 1600 must be people that ordered directly at Fisker. For my dealer this is 12 people. But he has already taken 30-40 extra orders, which do no appear on the official Fisker-list. If this is true for every dealer the number must be much higher than 1600 by now.
If it is 3000-4000, then that is a huge number, especially at this stage where no customer has actually driven a production car yet and no one has seen it on the road yet!! The future looks bright for Fisker.

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This is the first I've heard of the alternating production schedule. Makes sense!

You're ordering through Kroymans Fisker correct? Were you able to see the Karma while it was there for a while?

I've asked Fisker PR to clarify the trim differences so hopefully we'll have a more detailed answer soon.
Yes, I will take delivery through Kroymans. I went there last month to see the pre-production car. The first thing that struck me: it is huge! And stunning ofcourse.

The dealer could not specify exactly the differences between the US and European trim, but it will likely involve the indicator lights (which in Europe might be incorporated in the mirror, he said).

In your article on the pre-view at Kroymans you said you knew of 4 different cars (2 x Silver Wind, the Blue Lagoon-concept and a fourth one). I have identified at least also one black car (Eclipse, being used in the first movie), one grey car (Shadow, being used on the website and during the USA-tour) and one chrome model (of which I have seen only a few pictures). I heard that this last colour scheme / paint was not a success and will not be used. This car has probably received another colour since then.

Another interesting fact - at least, for us Fisker Karma die-hards :) - is the contents of the gasoline tank: 12 liters (3 gallons), according to the person I spoke to. That would correspond to approx. 1 liter for every 30 km (1 gallon for every 75 miles) once the generator kicks in (assuming the total range is still 450 km, of which 80 is pure electric). I wouldn't mind having a slightly bigger gasoline tank (2-3 extra liters), otherwise on long drives you would have to stop at a gas station every 320-350 km.

(I will be on holiday now, so can't respond for a few weeks)
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Interesting information!

Regarding the colors, Fisker now has this photo of an Inferno car on their website. I'm not sure whether this was colored red by a computer program or whether there is now an actual Inferno car as well.

Enjoy your holiday. :cool:
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I have to say that the colors are not the best feature of the configurator part of the new website. It all looks a bit blurred. It would be nice to have some clearer views (pictures!) of the colors. I find it difficult to make a choice based on the configurator. I hope Fisker can improve on this. At first I thought the problem was caused by my TFT-screen, until I saw the interior colors in the configurator, which are much clearer.
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