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Hello all,

I took delivery of my Fisker first week of February, so i've been driving it about a month now. I do have to admit that they delivered to all expectations of creating one of the most beautiful cars out there (not only confirmed by myself but at the hundreds of rubber-neckers as you drive through downtown).

I'm glad i've found this forum as I've definitely had a ton of 'first adopter' issues with the car, so it will be nice to see what other people are dealing with and how they are getting the problems fixed. I actually had the exact same thing happen to me about 3 weeks ago as happened to Consumer Reports. Of course it also happened when my wife and I were going to some new hip restaurant in the bad part of town - Not a good feeling to be in a scary parking lot @ 10:00 pm and not be able to put your $100K car into drive.

Luckily my sales person is great and was actually answering his phone at 10 at night on Saturday and walked me through how to reset the drive system. And they quickly provided a software update the following week that has (so far) fixed that problem and (kind of) fixed a number of other problems.

We're probably at least two software versions away from what I would consider to be an acceptable dashboard/display operating system, so I'll do my best to post the problems i'm seeing to see if there are similar problems happening with other cars out there.
Welcome to the club - in every sense of the term! Do yourself a favor and commit some time to reading through the forums here on FiskerBuzz. There is a wealth of informations, advice and experience. Also, do your part and share and contribute.

You can start by telling us about your car - trim level, exterior and interior colors, post some pictures...

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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