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Hello from Philadelphia

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Hey everyone,

I've been lurking on the forum for a few days now trying to get the lay of the land. It doesn't take long to feel some SERIOUS sympathy for Brian. He's got quite the litany of issues I'm sure we all hope to avoid.

I thought those of you with 4+ years of wait-listing might appreciate this story: I was driving around with the family last week and this beautiful car I didn't recognize crossed our path at the intersection ahead. It was going the way I had to turn, so I sped up to follow. Another car was between us, so I couldn't make out the emblems on the back and a very short time later, it was turning to go another direction. With the wife and kids in the car on our way back home, I resigned myself to continuing on my merry way when the wife told me no, I had to follow and figure out what kind of car that was.

I needed no further encouragement, and stalked, er, followed them another block where they turned into what I assume is their home. But, I got my make and model and happily headed home for some internet research.

I placed my order on Friday: sport / deep ocean / monsoon tritone. The dealer says April delivery based on mid-January order submission, but that seems awfully quick. Any wisdom from the group on that? Are they really able to resolve the backlog of wait-listers that quickly?

As you all already know, it's a beautiful machine and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Wow, you're a fast decider Mark. I'm convinced you will not be disappointed by the car (based on two test drives I had). Delivery in April seems optimistic, but they're building 25 cars a day now and they have already produced at least half of the orders for the deposit holders, so nothing is impossible. I definitely expect you to be driving this spring (without the 3-4 year wait most of us had to go through. Good for you!)
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