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Hello from New York!

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Hi all!
Fellow New Yorker here looking for some advice. After extensively reading into the current situation of Fisker (and the company that has purchased it) I'm now considering buying of one of these beautiful Karma's. My current garage is occupied by a Lexus LS 460L (currently my DD), a BMW 328xi, and my Mini Clubman S (beach/surf car). If all goes as planned either the BMW or the Mini will be on the outs come Karma time :fisker:
After doing a bit of buyers research, it has become apparent that I should be in the market for a vehicle bearing a late VIN number due to various early production issues.
With that in mind, I have narrowed my internet wide search down to a few cars and would like an honest opinion about the perceived integrity of said vehicles.

1- VIN YH4K14AA5CA001394, 243mi tan interior
2- VIN YH4K14AA3CA001670, 16,784mi tan/black interior
3- VIN YH4K14AAXCA002119, 3,415mi black interior (happens to be Donovan McNabb's car for what its worth)
4- VIN YH4K14AA2CA002664 4,374mi tri-tone interior
5- VIN YH4K14AAXCA002671 6,400mi tan/black interior

Personally I preferred the blue/beige interior combo but as I couldn't find any with a late VIN my second choice is the black/tan combo. The earliest model vin included (option 1) is listed because its a fairly local car as opposed to all the others. Logic dictates I should opt for option 5 based purely on the fact that it has the latest VIN but, like many things, I'm sure a lot more is involved in determining the longevity of a prospective vehicle.
Thanks in advance to anyone bearing informative advice!
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I've personally seen Donovan's car. The only thing it needed at the time was a new 12V battery. I haven't seen it since then, which was back in March. I don't have any information on the other cars though.

I'd look at VIN 1670 myself. Higher miles, which could mean that the problems already had a chance to surface and have been repaired.

I hope that helps!
I agree with Lormax. I think higher milage is more important than higher vin. But, in absence of higher miles go for higher vin. My car is #72 and I have 20K miles on my car. The initial problems were taken care of by Fisker well before the lights went out.
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