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Hello from Neuchatel Switzerland

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Hello Fisker Fans,I have seen many of you with production number how did you get the info?
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Welcome to the forum.

Where did you order your Karma? They should be able to tell you.

Here's the contact info for Fisker in Switzerland:

Fisker Automobile AG
Lischmatt 19
4624 Härkingen

[email protected]
Bruno Mueller
062 285 64 00

And this is their website:

I believe Werner Frey - a famous name in Switzerland - is the company that imports the Karma's.
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Thank you for the infos Dutch. I did order my Karma in an Emil Frey dealership but as you know making money in Switzerland is too easy! As soon as you ve ordered the car (and of course pay the deposit) they don t care about you anymore. Pretty sad but that s the way it is.
I will try to call the number you gave me on monday.
Sorry, ofcourse it wasn't Werner Frey but Emil Frey.

It's a shame they don't keep you up to date on the progress of your order. Many of us are getting the red carpet treatment by our dealers.
Just called Mr Mueller I've got the answer I've been waiting for a long time, thank you Dutch.
My order number is supposed to be #656, won't be under the Christmas tree ;-(. Supposed to be here in january will see!
First deliveries of non-Signature Edition cars in the US and Europe will be from mid-December (I am #217 and expecting delivery mid to late December). Hundreds of customers will be getting their cars in January.
Un Bonjour de Lausanne!
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