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Hi all! I operate a metals and electronics recycling firm here in Vegas and picked up something new to me so am here to ask advice. I have gotten the occasional Tesla block but never a Karma electric engine/transmission assembly before a recent visit to a client. The dealership replaced this for reasons unknown to me. I have no means to test it or crank it like I woiuld any other motor core for rebuilding. I also do not know what specialized equipment is necessary to make repairs and test and if there is even a market for this as a rebuild or parts kit. It's a 2019 Revero.

So my questions:

1. Does this have a market?
2. Do I list it on ebay?
3. Do I list it here?
4. What kind of price should I offer it at? Keep in mind it came to me as scrap metal and I don't need to milk every dollar.

Thanks in advance. The dealership I got this from will presumably have the occasional other part available but usually what comes to me is scrapped for a good reason. This is a little unusual.
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