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Hello, my name is Vincent and I live in France. I just bought a Fisker Karma SE. It has only 6680 km.
The charger, new, did not work. So I decided to open it. This is done with a saw along the glued edge. With a little patience this can be done very neatly.
I discovered inside that there were traces of humidity and corrosion, possibly due to condensation.
The motherboard is of the Intertek brand manufactured by Lear.
On the power supply part I found two burnt resistors R10 and R20. I have not been able to find the reference of these two resistors.
Also I discovered that the intertek brand had built chargers for many brands including Mercedes. So I bought a 2015 mercedes charger cheaply, and replaced the motherboard. Then I closed the two parts with polyurethane glue.
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