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Hello from Alberta :)

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Hello everybody,

I wanted to introduce myself and say a quick hello.

I've been interested in the Karma for the last couple of years, but only in the last few months have I really put more thought into owning one. With the position of Fisker automotive, and the huge drop in value on the vehicles, it seems to be one heck of a car for a heck of a good price.

As usual, I've done my research and so far have two vehicles I'm interested in. There are also two here in Alberta but both in colours (inside and out) I don't care for.

I'm looking at car #283 , and#453, so both very early production.

It seems (beyond annoying glitches), that my main concerns will be:

1. Battery, which seems is a guaranteed failure at some point
2. RDM, and traction motors.

I've started talking to the dealers that have these vehicles, and also BMW in Vancouver (used to be the fisker dealer) who gave me a bit of service history that they had on them.

If these is any other important information you guys may have for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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what colors in particular are you looking at?
The two here in Alberta are a white sand EcoChic with Earth tri tone. The white looks nice but the multi beige "earth" interior is god awful. The other is an inferno eco sport with canyon interior.

I need to see this red in person to determine if I like it, but the canyon interior is drop dead gorgeous! I bought my VW touareg almost solely because it has that colour interior!

The other two are Black and "shadow".

The black is an ecosport with black leather/ecosuede.

The shadow is an ecosport with Canyon interior.

Again, the shadow I'd have to see in person. I've always fought owning a beige car. To me you need to be at least 70 to find beige paint attractive, and Im only 29. I've got a ways to go........

If only I could find a black ecosport with canyon interior. Or a Laguna blue car.....Gorgeous!

Leaning towards the black one at this point. Love the exterior in black, and although I'd prefer canyon interior, I like the black a lot too and would be perfectly happy with it.
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Welcome to the Forum and good luck on the purchase!
Hi Welcome, I purchased a Silver ES #069 signature model last year and I love the car! Can't wait to get it back on the road this spring.. Montreal winters are not very kind to cars, so its nice and warm in storage.!
Had to go out today for one hour of driving in wind blown snowy and slippery conditions in the Niagara Region of Canada. Summer Goodyears have 16,000 km on them. Yes, they slid.
I have driven in worst conditions but with better tread. The weight of the car and the excellent brakes helped a lot. Did not use re-gen function. First choice is not to go out but the Karma responded well to my cautious management.
The car handles excellent in snow, I guess because of the weight distribution. I actually feel that the car is better adopted to cold than to heat. Ice is a little trickier since we don't have spikes in the snow tires.
Luckily, I've got my touareg as a daily driver which is a fantastic winter vehicle.

A fisker wouldn't survive a northern Alberta winter!

You'd loose a bumper cover in a snow drift, or the whole car when you hit a deer ;)

Currently busy working up north, but anxious to go see the cars in bc soon :)
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