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Great Model S / Tesla Video from Motor Trend

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Great press video.
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Fabulist said:
Clear Bra Man said:
can't wait till these cars become more abundant. The ev evolution is not far away.
I am actually a bit torn on this. I agree that more EVs of any brand is good for all the brands. On the other hand, it is already pretty hard to find a public charging point and with more EVs on the road, it is going to get even worse.
Maybe then Chargepoint will partner with In-N-Out and AMCs to offer more public charging stations (ala Walgreens)...
Fabulist said:
More likely scenario: No more free charging. Once you have to pay for it, EV owners will be a lot more selective about plugging in. Of course, if people still plug in and pay, then every business would start putting charging points in their parking lots.
Yes, but we knew it wouldn't last forever :-/ Sit-down restaurants, movie theaters and malls/big box stores make the most sense since those are the places people tend to spend substantial amounts of time. Frankly, Walgreens never made sense - who spends more than 10-15 min at a convenience store???
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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