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Good Karma

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I wanted to give everyone an update on our Karma. After a lot of glitches that couldn't always be duplicated and about 80% of the time being in the shop, I decided that I couldn't trust that car to carry my wife and kids around.

So I asked Jamin at Fisker Atlanta what could we do. Without hesitating he said, "We want you to be happy, so let me see if we can take the car back. Would you like to try another Karma because I think it's just this car that has more bugs than normal." Now that's great customer service!

We decided to try another Karma. It's on its what from Jersey and should be here in a couple of weeks. We are still getting silver, but instead of the black interior I decided to go with the monsoon. I just like all leather and was afraid the suede wasn't going to do well with a 4 and 6 year old. The monsoon is not perfect. It's tan instead of gray, but it's the only all leather that would sort of go with silver. My wife, and I agree, would have rather had black and gray.

My wife is not sold on the color combo, so I hope it grows on here. I know many Ferrari and Maserati's were sold with silver and tan interior. I don't like it, but some people must. So I'm hoping we can live with the tan.

I wanted to thank the whole team at Fisker of Atlanta. They have done everything you could imagine to make sure we were happy. I would recommend them to anyone and will consider buying my next SUV from them.

I'm very happy with the way this is turning out. Now let's cross our fingers and hope my car is made on a good day.
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Wow - congrats! That is great customer service! I wish my dealer were as customer-focused as yours!
Has anyone seen the silver with the monsoon?
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