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"Good Karma" event in Atlanta

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Last Friday Fisker of Atlanta threw a dinner party for current and potential Karma owners. The event was held in the clubhouse of a local country club and Fisker of Atlanta really pulled out all of the stops: Live music, open bar, great food and of course several beautiful Karma's on display. Kudos to Fisker of Atlanta for a really nice evening. You can see plenty of pictures here:

Fisker of Atlanta "Good Karma" Event

It was nice getting to meet other Karma owners. As we already know from this forum, there's a lot of passion for this car from us owners. It was strange having to pick out my car from the parking lot full of Karmas when we left at the end of the evening!

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Thanks for sharing. Quite a few hotties at that party.

Though not the best photo, probably my favorite Karma color:
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