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Pretty good review from

Summed up:

It's the Design, Dummy
It's reasonable to call out the Karma's limitations, but you can't dwell on the power under the hood and ignore the power of design. This ain't no Volt or Leaf. The Karma's stunning styling more fairly compares to the best from Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Its design is more than enough to sell it. These other cars get to 60 mph more than twice as quickly and have higher top speeds, but in Los Angeles, where you're lucky just to reach the speed limit, which car makes more sense? A stylish, two-seat sports car with 12 cylinders, or a comfortable, stylish Karma that makes the most of stop-and-go driving?

One of the chief complaints about the more affordable plug-in cars like the Volt is their price. For what they are, in terms of size and capability, they are indeed comparatively expensive. For its type, the Karma might be underpriced. It's the market that will ultimately make that decision, and in this car's case, its track record will be far more important than the price of gas.

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