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Full list of Available Karmas at Fisker of Cherry Hill

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Here's the short list of Karmas available as we have sold/delivered quite a few since I last updated.

White/Monsoon Ecosport 11k, CERTIFIED. RDM/motors, HV battery, HVAC unit done, all updates
listing here:(updated pics coming soon)

Silver/Glacier EcoChic 16k, RDM/motors done, clean car
listing here:

Shadow/Glacier EcoChic 4000 miles RDM/motors getting done, CERTIFIED coming soon, call for details

Silver/Black Ecosport 25k miles, clean car, rear spoiler being upgraded call for details pricing will vary upon level of updates.

Fisker of Cherry Hill
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I may be interested in selling my Karma (EcoSport, Inferno, 22K miles). Are you interested in buying? Or do you know anyone who might be?
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