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karma1 said:
brian said:
I was told that only the new ones would be held. Fisker doesn't think there's any safety issue with the software malfunctions (I'm not so sure), so they're not actually recalling existing cars. I think they're just holding new cars to avoid any more unhappy customers. I think they've been getting a lot of feedback from folks out there, not just the few people here who've gotten their cars.
That may be, but I was told that all cars, including mine, would be held until 6.13 was installed.
I confirmed with my dealer that any car that is at the dealership or arrives will be held until it is updated to 6.13. Those of us who have cars on the road can choose when to take their car in for the 6.13 update.

Let's hope that the fact that they are taking this significant step around 6.13 indicates that they have found and fixed the root cause for the myriad of issues we have seen.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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