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kylekeith said:
ejo3rd said:
Mine was installed on Monday.
What was the cost of your install? I am still waiting for them to send me the quote..

They are asking for me to have SCE install a separate meter for charging... seems kind of extreme.

what did they do on your install?

RSM is close.. we should cruise to cars and coffee this Saturday.
For my install they added a breaker, ran ~ 30 ft of conduit and anchored the charger to the wall. The only thing I paid for was the city permit.

As far as a second meter goes, you could get the cheapest rates from SCE for charging your vehicle if you had a second meter. If you don't do that at least look into the electric vehicle time of use plan. It could save you money depending on when you use the most energy at your home.

Cars and coffee sounds good as long as it doesn't rain!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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