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Dutch said:
BillyO said:
I don't think there are anywhere near 3000 "confirmed" orders now. My bet is the production of all the current confirmed configurations is nearly complete. We've been hearing 3000 forever. I bet many of the original 3000 deposit holders have dropped out mainly due to total lack of consideration from Fisker. Even Brian was on the verge and he's only had a deposit up for a year. If the deposit holder number was really impressive Fisker would be touting it. I bet it's even less than the original 3000 and that's with demos at the dealerships. When there are big management shake ups, there is always an untold background story. You have to believe that if they had 7,000 to 10,000 new deposits, they would be publicizing that.

At the moment production has reached #1000. A lot of cars are going to be produced in January, February and March. Anyone ordering now is looking at delivery in about half a year. That means Fisker still has a lot of orders in the books.

It is not strange that the number has stayed at 3000 for a long time. Not much happened over the last few months in the form of publicity to attract more customers. Some people will have dropped out, but others will have stepped in (maybe because of the scattered pieces of publicity like Leonardo DiCaprio, Two and a half men, the Fisker Tour). But there are still a lot of people out there who do not know about the existence of the car. The demos have been at the dealers for no more than a few weeks, many dealers outside of the US are still waiting for their demos. Publicity has been low.

All that is going to change. More and more magazines and car shows will be able to get their hands on a car for test drives, and I expect the reviews to be very positive. But more importantly, every week there will be more Karma's on the road and there will be more people seeing this stunning car. The effect? Look what a few visits to Cars & Coffee generates in attention, and then multiply that by a few thousand. Every Karma-owner will be the focus of attention wherever he or she goes, all the time. Every Karma will make hundreds of people enthusiastic or at least curious about this brand and this car.

I heard that - still unconfirmed - Brad Pitt has been spotted test driving a Karma, when he was visiting The Netherlands this week. If more and more celebrities choose this car, it could really become a snowball.

And there are still a lot markets that haven't even been tapped, like Asia.

So there is still a lot of potential for this car and this company.
Per Fisker, the road show brought an additional 125 customers. They have not stated how many deposit holders they have lost. I think it is more than the 125 they gained from the road show.
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